Knowledge transfer in World Heritage

During 3 intensive days the 13th to 15th of august a national school conference took place in the Höga Kusten/Kvarken World Heritage.

It was the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, along with Western Norrland County, the Municipality of Kramfors and Grämesta school that hosted the conference, inviting teachers from Swedish schools located in any of our World Heritages to participate. Focus was set on knowledge transfer and discussions regarding how to best incorporate the unique opportunities of a World heritage, along with information about UN, UNESCO, and World Heritages in contemporary education.

The participants got to know the Höga Kusten/Kvarken World Heritage quite well over the days of the conference, as it incorporated plenty of visits at locations within the area. Höga Kusten has risen more than 800 meters since the last ice age, making it a truly unique area with a landscape extremely different from our own World Heritage (the Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland). Still, just as incredible to experience, and as important to present to our young.

At the conference the Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland and Mörbylånga municipality was represented by Linnéa Danielsson (Torslunda), Annika Bergling (Alunskolan), Maria Tudén (Alunskolan), Solveig Hermansson  (Skansenskolan).

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Södra Ölands skolor besöker Höga Kusten

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