New home page on the World Heritage

Even though the Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland is a World Heritage site and fundamentally different, it is far from a museum. On the contrary, it is the living cultural traditions in the district that are to be preserved for all time. Take our beloved Stora Alvaret – it would not exist in its current splendour if man had not let the grazing animals shape it over millennia. Much of what may be seen as nature’s unspoiled beauty on Southern Öland is in fact the result of successful interaction between man and nature.

The Municipality of Mörbylånga is now launching a new home page on the World Heritage site on Öland with information on what makes Southern Öland a World Heritage site, maps, UNESCO’s justification and links to other World Heritage sites in Sweden. The home page is available in Swedish, English and German, and visitors have the chance to show their own pictures of the World Heritage site on the page by using #södraÖland on Instagram.

The Municipality of Mörbylånga recently took on greater responsibility as an agent for the World Heritage, and the home page is a first step in this work. Together with the World Heritage Council, which is made up of the Municipality of Mörbylånga, the Kalmar County Administrative Board, the Federation of Swedish Farmers and the Regional Council, it now works actively to promote Öland’s World Heritage!

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