Prestudy on cooperation with other World Heritages

The co-ordinator of the world heritage site southern Öland in the municipality of Mörbylånga and representatives from the Regional council in Kalmar County visited Klaipeda, Lithuania the 24-27th of August in the CoWoH-project (costal world heritage), a project financed by the South Baltic program.

In Klaipeda we met partners from the Curonian spit in Lithuania and Russia, Slowinski National Park in Poland, The naval city of Karlskrona in Sweden and EUCC-Germany. Together we had a work shop to identify how we can develop cultural heritages in the South Baltic region. The partners are having a second meeting in the municipality of Mörbylånga the 12-14th October where they also will have the chance to visit the world heritage site southern Öland. After the meeting in October a joint application is going to be sent in to the south Baltic program.


The Curonian spit

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