Hiking in the world heritage

One of the best ways of experiencing the world heritage of southern Öland is by hiking in it. There’s a total of more than 140 km of hiking trails on southern Öland, helping you find and enjoy the often unique environments.

Most of the trails are maintained by the municipality of Mörbylånga, but you’ll also find trails run by local intrests or maintained by the county. Some of the more significant trails are to be found in this map. Feel free to enjoy the trails at your own pace, in all their length, or in smaller portions at each time.

In order to help you stay on track while on the trails, we’ve made a pamphlet describing them. It’s named “Hiking in the World heritage of Southern Öland”, and is to be found at tourist information sites, libraries and local destinations throughout the area. Each of the trails are also individually presented in the list below. The descriptions are perfect for reading and storing on your tablet or phone, so make sure to save them locally on your device in order to secure offline access.

1. Mörbylångaleden
2. Stora alvarleden
3. Örnkullen
4. Slingan Bårby källa
5. Gösslundaleden
6. Gösslunda – Tingstad flisor
7. Tingstad flisor – Penåsa
8. Millersten
9. Nunnedalen
10. Bergstigen
11. Ottenby vandringsleder
12. Eketorpsleden
13. Ekelundaleden